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The Poor Ugly Dwarf game team will be kicking off two months of weekly gaming streams this Wednesday, the 17th, at 2pm PT.

Play will alternate between Doodle WHAT?! and Dick Starr Conquers Mars. An action arcade shooter that invites your Twitch followers to vote on power ups, obstacles and gameplay. While you pilot your way to victory and all the glory that comes with it.

Doodle WHAT?! jumps into streaming with integrated broadcasting built in!

Live stream your drawing skills while your audience clamors to be the first to correctly guess what you are drawing!

Doodle WHAT?! is a game that lets you challenge your audience to guess your drawing. Winner enters your leaderboards and gets immediate rank and domination over all that is doodled!

Now with integrated broadcasting support, Doodle WHAT?! makes streaming your gameplay easier than ever. No need for third party applications or a super fast connection to the Web.


Doodle WHAT?! is designed for everyone to enjoy. Social streamers broadcast with ease. While followers chat in their picture guesses and share in the overall leaderboard action. It is fun for all the family.

Poor Ugly Dwarf is an independent game publishing company. Offering a growing collection of games for iOS, Android, Macintosh and Windows play. Our latest project is the Binx Stream Assist Platform. A place for dynamic connection between eSport viewers, streamers and sponsors.

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